Ashley grew up bouncing around states but spent most of her time in Jacksonville, Florida and now Southern Maryland. She knew she had her passion for animals when her family started to help take strays off the street as a kid. From Great Danes to cats and to her most recent adoptable rescue Tilley, a […]


Steve was raised in Southern Maryland. He grew up near DC but spent summers in the Blake Creek area of St. Mary’s. He was always around animals growing up as his family had dogs and various other pets during his childhood (everything from hamsters, ferrets, fish and exotic birds).  He started work in high school […]


Makenna has lived most of her life in Lexington Park and was raised with a Boxer named Missey. Growing up, she welcomed all kinds of animal companions into her home such as parakeets, hermit crabs, turtles, hamsters, rats, and fish. She currently has four cats – Iris, Sparrow, Rogue, and Dante, two dogs – Winter […]


Linda grew up with a Collie and a black and white cat.  She has many fond memories of them both! Being in the Navy after college, she was unable to own pets because of frequent travel. After 12 years in the Navy, she adopted a couple cats and eventually a Golden Retriever and Retriever Chow […]


Kelly has had pets all her life, including dogs, cats, ferrets and hamsters. She has volunteered at the Humane Society and Rocky’s Ferret shelter. For Kelly, taking care of pets is a complete joy. She loves seeing all of their unique personalities and spending time with them. To her, pet sitting is not just providing […]


Katie was born in Scotland and has been a dog lover since a very young age. She has lived in many places before settling in Southern Maryland in 2009. She currently has two dogs- Balti, a Golden Retriever and Phoenix, a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix. She became certified in Dog and Cat CPR and First Aid […]


Karen S. was born, raised, and has lived most of the last half century in St. Mary’s County. She has an active life as an avid hiker, quilter, dirt rearranger/bush planter, animal lover, cheeseburger eater, reader, sunrise watcher, and EMT. She has lived the Mary Poppins lifestyle and spent her life “filling in” at jobs […]


Danielle has strong family roots in St. Mary’s County and has lived most of her years as a resident. She’s a lifelong dog lover and owner, with a penchant for collies. Currently, she has one border collie along with two chihuahua mixes that she adopted from local rescue groups. Danielle has fostered many dogs, volunteered […]


Cherie’s love of animals began when she took her first steps on her family’s ranch where they raised chickens, goats, cattle and horses. She currently shares her home with a few adopted cats and two rescued dogs. She became certified in Dog and Cat CPR and First Aid in March 2019. Cherie has worked for […]


Blue was born in Los Angeles but discovered the Rocky Mountains as a young adult. She lived in Durango, CO for over 30 years and still has family there. She has lived in Southern Maryland for the last three years and has always had a dog and sometimes a cat. Her best friend, Fancy, crossed the […]