In Home Visits

In addition to offering visits while out of town, we also offer midday dog walks for working pet parents. 

Get Along Little Doggie


    (Per Visit)
  • Monday-Friday recurring service
  • 30 minute mid-day visit (11 am - 3 pm)
  •   20 minute walk (dependent on weather, age, and health of dog)
  • Treats, medications, and play time.
  •   To be eligible for this rate, at least one visit per week is required.

Happy Tails


    (Per Visit)
  • Occasional or Vacation/Travel
  • In-Home 30-minute Visits
  • 20 minute walk if applicable
  • Usually 2 potty breaks before and after meals for dogs
  • Including meals/treats, meds if needed, playtime, love, cleanup/litter boxes for cats, etc.

Doggie Break


    (Per Visit)
  • Potty break for dogs
  • Mid-day or Evening 15-minute visit
  • Only one per day may be requested with 2 other Happy Tails visits scheduled on the same day.
  • Testimonials

    “This is our first experience with dog walkers, and it has been fantastic so far. Our dogs are taken care of as if we were there doing it ourselves. Karen is so easy to communicate with and our walkers, Katie and Blue, have made us and our girls trust them fully. They met with us before the walks started, and we were able to discuss what we needed from them and any concerns we had regarding our dogs’ behavior. They listened! We look forward to the end-of-visit emails we get each day. We’re super happy!” -Ruby and Audrey’s Mom
  • Testimonials

    "Daisy greeted us at the door and was purring and meowing and looks so well taken care of! Please thank Brendan for us for his excellent care of her and Sam and the attention he gave her while we were away. We are so thrilled and cannot wait to use your service again." -Daisy and Sam’s Mom
  • Testimonials

    "The kitties looked good and were happy to have us back (and they’d like to celebrate with a second breakfast ;-). I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have such good help back here when we are away. I was just thinking that I hope you guys stay in business here for many years to come!" -Bo and Spots’ Mom
  • Testimonials

    "Thank you so much. We are home safely and wish to commend you on a fantastic job of caring for everyone. Sydney ate a whole bowl of food when we got home. So I guess she was just pouting “I’m not eating until mom gets home😆. I’m not seeing any panting. She gets anxious easily...former abandoned shelter puppy. The cats look fat and happy. You truly cared for them as your own. And it is a great comfort to me when I must leave them." -Sydney, Tash, Mojo and Voo doo’s Mom
  • Testimonials

    "We could not be happier with Brendan’s care of the “children” —it’s made our trip so much more wonderful knowing they were getting care and attention. We are his and your biggest fans!" -Finn and Ellie’s Mom
  • Testimonials

    "We are so pleased with your services and can't thank you all enough for your quick responses, caring of the pets and clean ups from messes and the kindhearted folks you have working for you. We are VERY impressed and could NOT ask for any better. We thought for sure between Stanley and his issues and then dealing with a puppy we didn't think anyone would want to take it on and stick with it. We are just very very happy. I think other sitters would do bare minimum to get by and you guys go above and beyond, so thank you for all your hard work. It definitely shows!!!" -Stanley and Millie’s Mom

Happy Whiskers


    (Per Visit)
  • For cats, birds, small caged pets, & fish
  • 20-minute visit
  • Involves meals/treats, litter/clean up, medications, play time, love, etc.



    (Per Night)
  • An overnight visit where a sitter spends the night in your home with your pet(s).
  • The sitter arrives no later than 10 pm and leaves no earlier than 6 am in the following morning.
  • Hours can be adjusted upon request.
  • Extended 15 minute visit - $12:  Extension of Happy Tails visit by 15 minutes
  • Holiday surcharge - $8:  Federal holidays, Easter, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve
  • Emergency Booking Fee - $20:  Requested visit with less than 4 hours notice
  • Late Booking Fee -  $10:  Requested visit with less than 48 hours notice
  • Reservation Cancellation Fee -  25% of service: Cancellation of reservation with less than 72 hours notice
  • Last Minute Cancellation - $10:  Cancellation of visit with less than 12 hours notice

Who We Are:

We are an elite pet sitting service, providing for those clients who value their pets as family members.